Alternative Designs Feedback Form

The Alternative Elements Survey is designed to get feedback on identified elements of the design. The elements survey feedback will be used to establish the recommended design concept. We hope you will participate in the survey.

In addition to the survey, this feedback form is available for any additional comments you wish to share. We encourage you to review the West 58th Street Engagement Report which describes how the public's input has been used to create the alternative designs. In conjunction with the public input, each alternative was developed to be in line with the Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan. Please visit the Walking & Biking (External link) page on our web page to learn more.

A full version of each alternative design can be located in the Document Library

There are real-world examples of each alternative that can better show the look and feel of the elements. None of the examples are exact, but each area had unique factors that influenced the design. 

  • Alt A is similar to 62nd Street from France Ave to Valley View Road & Xerxes Ave from 75th Street to Yorktown Park
  • Alt B is similar to Parklawn Ave from Gallagher Dr to 76th Street & Gallagher Dr from Parklawn Ave to France Ave
  • Alt C is similar to Gleason Rd between Vernon Ave and Highway 62 & a portion of 70th Street between Cahill Rd and Metro Blvd
Parking Comments:
Once an alternative is selected, groups of residents could still work with the city to construct parking bays if the residents are willing to allow more impacts on their property.

If you have questions on the alternatives, please submit them through the Q & A section. 

CLOSED: This survey has concluded.