Public Hearing: Subdivision with Variances at 5928 Abbott Avenue

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Consultation has concluded


All comments are reviewed by the governing body to gain insight into community perspective and values. This information in addition to other factors like legal requirements, infrastructure needs, long-term strategy, cost, etc help inform the decision. The feedback collected is not considered a "vote". 

Everyone has the right to share their opinions and comments on the related project. While individuals may have varying opinions, respect each person's experience and insight.

Comments are considered part of the public record. When making a comment:

  1. provide your full name
  2. let us know your relation to the project (i.e. physical address, neighborhood, visit the area often, etc)
  3. respect the views of other participants even if they don't agree with you

If you have questions, please use the Q & A tool.

CLOSED: This discussion has concluded.
CLOSED: This item is on the July 21 City Council agenda.

We live just down the street, and though we don't like the endless summer construction, we do like the idea of bringing two new families into the neighborhood! Especially, permanent homeowners in similar sized homes that are more fitting of the neighborhood.

DP over 2 years ago

We're just down the street, and although we don't like endless summer construction, we do like the idea of bringing two new families into the neighborhood! Especially, permanent homeowners in similarly sized homes that are more fitting of the neighborhood.

DP over 2 years ago

We live on 58th and Zenith and fully support this variance. We frequently walk past this oversized lot on our way to Strachauer Park. The proposed subdivision would be a much better fit to the surrounding lot sizes. Second Story has built two new homes our block. They were respectful of the neighbors from start to finish and greatly improved our block with tasteful design and craftmanship. I ask that you please approve this variance to allow them to do the same for 59th and Abbott. Justin

Justin S over 2 years ago

We live near this proposed project and we support this variance as we know it will add 2 great families to our favorite neighborhood- The current lot would provide more than enough space for 1 home, but may look out of place especially in this area. - It would be a great opportunity for 2 individuals or families to join us here in Chowen Park!

KellyS over 2 years ago

I live on 58th Abbott. This neighborhood is full of tear downs and I believe we need to restrict some. The new construction and new roads are constantly going. Last summer our roads were re-done. It took all summer. This summer it is 58th Street. This neighborhood used to be quiet. No more. I live here. I would like some quiet in my neighborhood. I would like to be able to drive down my street, without being detoured. I live through this every summer and almost all year around. Please do not create more. Thank you. Beth

Beth Savik over 2 years ago

I believe we have zoning in place for a reason. This is the second variance request that I have been sent recently. The first was to build closer to the lot line so they could fit in another garage stall. Now one to squeeze two houses on one lot. To me these cases seem more like examples of why you have zoning, not reasons to make an exception. Looking at what's already been built in this neighborhood it would seem our zoning laws are quite liberal. At a minimum I would like to see them enforced.

kx001 over 2 years ago

I live down Abbot across the street from this lot, can see it from our front yard and walk, bike
and drive by frequently. We are in favor of this proposal. The current lot appears oversized for 1 home. What is proposed seems like it would fit with the overall neighborhood character and is a good solution for this property. I support approving this.

John C over 2 years ago

We live nearby this project and would be ok with it happening. Anything to improve the housing in Edina and allowing not one, but two families to live in this great neighborhood is fine with me. Please approve this variance.

Nikki over 2 years ago

I am in favor of building two homes on this lot. This is the largest lot in the quadrant and I believe having two homes here would fit in more with the lots that exist here. Please approve this variance.

Jeff over 2 years ago

I am against building two homes on this small lot. Edina has been over-building for years now, replacing every bit of green space with multi-unit residences for outrageous prices. We are already in each other's faces too much in this neighborhood and we do not need any more family units here. Please, please do not approve this variance.

Vmousseau over 2 years ago

I am against building 2 homes on this tiny lot. It will destroy the character of the neighborhood. 1 home is acceptable. No variance should be granted. There is already too much traffic and nonexistent traffic controls on the adjoining streets. 2 homes will only exacerbate this problem. The current house on this tiny lot is small. Please do not approve the variances for a build of 2 albatrosses. The request for a variance is unbelievable and really incomprehensible.

Laurel over 2 years ago