What will be done with street lighting at West 72nd Street and France Avenue?

City Council has directed staff to work with the developer of 7200/7250 France Avenue or Xcel Energy to add street lighting at this intersection; updates will be posted as they are available.

There are several factors to take into account when considering adding a new street light, including installation and maintenance costs and the availability of existing electrical infrastructure in which to connect.

Can the City clarify what traffic movements will be allowed as part of the proposed redevelopement?

Access is allowed to the redevelopment area from West 72nd Street, France Avenue and Gallagher Avenue; however, the City and Hennepin County have placed certain restrictions on movements into and out of the site:
  • Vehicles exiting onto West 72nd Street will only be permitted to turn right and travel eastbound toward France Avenue.
  • Access to France Avenue is limited to a southbound right-in/right-out.
  • Full access will be permitted at Gallagher Avenue.

If the developer does not secure financing, will Edina pay for improvements with tax-increment financing (TIF)?

If the developer is not able to secure funding, there will be no TIF created to fund the public improvements. Without a successful redevelopment project, no public improvements will be installed. If the project is postponed, West 72nd Street and the surrounding neighborhood streets will continue to be monitored for maintenance and reconstruction opportunities as part of the City’s Proactive Pavement Management Program.

Will the proposed 8' shared-use path extend further west from Lynmar Lane?

The City does not currently have plans to extend either facility further west than Lynmar Lane. However, the existing sidewalks west of Lynmar Lane may be upgraded to shared-use paths in the future if desired by the residents within the neighborhood.