about 1 month ago

Hello and welcome to Better Together Edina. This web page will be the hub for sharing information related to roadway reconstruction scheduled for 2021 in the Melody Lake A & B, Birchcrest C and Grandview A neighborhoods. Important updates will be posted on this web page at various points during the Engineering Study phase. Anticipate weekly updates during construction in 2021. Key project milestones include:

  • June 2020 – Begin Engineering Study preparation
  • Summer 2020 – Informational video or similar. Format to be determined due to COVID-19
  • Nov. 2020 – Engineering Study complete
  • Dec. 2020 – City Council meeting to discuss authorizing project design
  • Mar. 2021 – City Council authorizes construction
  • Apr. 2021 – Construction begins
  • Oct. 2021 – Construction substantial completion

Feel free to call or email me with your project questions, or you can post questions on this website.

We look forward to assisting and keeping you informed with this project.

Aaron Ditzler

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