How much does a annual rental license cost?

    A rental license is required every year for each property that is non-owner occupied. Please see fees:Single-family/Townhome/Condo - $180Duplex - $360 (If owner resides on one side, the fee is $180)Multi-family/Apartment Buildings - $180 per building + $17 per unit

    Will inspections be required and if so, how often?

    City staff plan to inspect rental property once every two years to ensure it is being maintained to minimum property maintenance code requirements. These minimum property maintenance requirements apply to all homes, as well as apartment buildings and businesses. Owners must correct code violations in a timely manner.

    An initial inspection will take place in the first year after acquiring the license, each inspection can take about an hour, depending on size (sq. ft.) and maintenance items. Multi-family/Apartment buildings: The common areas, utilities, etc. will be inspected each year, and 1/3 of the building units each year.

    Resources for Renters

    • Minnesota Attorney General’s Office - The office's website contains a section on Landlord and Tenants Rights and Responsibilities.

    • HOME Line - This is a nonprofit Minnesota statewide tenant advocacy organization with many online resources for renters.

    • HousingLink is Minnesota's primary source for affordable housing-related openings and information. It’s also used by landlords and property managers to advertise their rental housing openings for free.

    What about short-term rental, such as AirBnB & VRBO?

    No short-term rental are permitted in Edina. A minimum of 30 days is required to be allowed as an approved rental.

    For more information regarding this policy, contact the Planning Division at 952-826-0369.

    Do I need a rental license if I rent a room out?

    A rental license will not be required it you rent a room out of your home, as long as you, the owner are still residing within the dwelling.