What is the basis for the proposed speed limits?

    The ultimate goal is to improve safety and mobility for all users and all modes of transportation. Multiple factors were considered to develop this recommendation, including:

    • Traffic volume
    • Crash history
    • Adjacent land use (residential, commercial, industrial, etc.)
    • Proximity to schools
    • Pedestrian/bicycle activity
    • Number of access points (intersections or driveways)
    • Consistency within Edina and among neighboring cities
    • Balancing regional traffic with local traffic

    Are other cities changing their speed limits?

    Minneapolis and St. Paul announced plans to lower their local speed limits in March 2020 and will finish implementation by the end of the year. St. Louis Park is also proposing to change their local speed limits. Nationally, other cities that have lowered local speed limits include New York City, Seattle, Portland and Boston.

    Why aren't all Edina streets shown on the map?

    State legislation only gives the City the ability to change speed limits on local streets, or city streets. This includes about 90% of the streets in Edina. Streets that are not shown on the map include private streets and those operated by Hennepin County or the Minnesota Department of Transportation. The speed limit on those streets will remain as is unless changed by their respective owners.

    What is the speed limit on alleys?

    10 mph is the maximum speed on public alleys per City code and State statute.

    When would the new speed limits go into effect?

    If approved by City Council, implementation could occur as early as 2021 depending on signage costs, coordination with neighboring cities and City's strategies for community education and enforcement.