Street Projects

Current Projects:

Eden, Arcadia, and Brookside Avenues Street Reconstruction

Blake Road A, B, & C

Morningside D & E

East Grandview Transportation Study

Morningside C

Future Street Reconstruction Projects

All City streets will be subject to major rehabilitation at some time during their lifespan. When the condition of the pavement precludes standard maintenance procedures (such as seal coating, patching or overlay), complete reconstruction becomes the most cost-effective solution.

Street reconstruction typically involves complete replacement of the roadway section, repair/installation of concrete curb and gutter, and repairs to the underground public utilities.

It may also include;

  • Narrowing of streets per the City's Living Streets Policy
  • Installation of new pedestrian and bicycle facilities per the Comprehensive Plan
  • Improvements to the storm sewer system per the Comprehensive Water Resources Management Plan


Streets are organized into maintenance groups based on neighborhood, size and approximate age of original construction. There groups are then prioritized for reconstruction based on several factors, including;

  •  Average Pavement Condition Index (PCI)
  • Condition of underground public utilities (water main, sanitary sewer and storm sewer)
  • Condition of concrete curb and gutter

Past Construction Projects