Vehicle Safety/Speeding

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Many of the comments related to safety were about speed and traffic volume. Residents felt that drivers travel too fast throughout the corridor and there is a need for traffic calming. 

  1. One option may be to narrow the street to 24 feet.  This could create room for the separated shared-use path, and create less impacts to trees, landscaping etc.  Should narrowing the street be an option Edina should consider? 

Specific areas were called out at the Open House:

58th and Xerxes has sightline issues.

  1. Would adding a turn lane at this intersection make sense?

  2. Would adding a turn lane at the intersection of France make sense?

  3. Would adding the separated trail also make sense?

At 58th and Kellogg pedestrians cannot be seen over the hill.

  1. Would adding the separate trail alleviate this issue?

58th and Oaklawn needs a stop sign.

  1. This may be a final design decision based on traffic counts. How strongly do you feel a stop sign is needed here on  a scale of 1-10?

Halifax to Wooddale is a dangerous for children to bike or walk to school. There is poor lighting and the road grade makes it difficult to see.

  1. Does a separate trail alleviate this issue? Does the lighting plan address the safety concerns?
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