Tips For Growing Green Grass

The turf contractor has applied topsoil, seed and fertilizer to disturbed areas. Tips to help grass grow can be found in this video and briefly summarized below.

  • Water - While the contractor is responsible to establish the turf for these 90 days, your assistance during this period will help establish the turf more quickly. It is just as important to not over-water the new seed as it is to water the seed. The mulch bed should be moist but not over watered. Continue to water even after grass looks established.
  • Fertilize - A commercial fertilizer is applied with the hydroseed. Additional fertilizer and herbicides are not recommended during the initial year of seeding as they can have damaging effects on grass sprouts.
  • Mowing - Do not mow new grass until it is 6" high. When grass reaches this height, mow at the highest setting. Cut with this setting for the first few months, even after grass looks established. Do not collect clippings as they help feed the soil while grass develops.
  • Weeding - The contractor is responsible for establishing turf free of weeds. During the initial establishment period, weeding is the responsibility of the contractor, not the residents.
  • Preventing Future Weeds - Weeds will likely appear with new grass. Properly watered, mowed and fertilized grass will prevent weeds from gaining a stronghold.

Turf establishment takes time. The City will continue to review the turf in the project area this summer to ensure proper growth.

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