Why do all 3 proposed design alternatives include a shared-use path?

    The shared-use path addresses several values. First, it has the smallest physical footprint or the least amount of impacts to properties while still addressing comments about separate off-street bike and pedestrian facilities. Second, the shared-use path along West 58th Street was recommended in the City’s Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan as a piece of Edina’s Twin Loops. The Twin Loops is a biking and waking system, designed for users of all ages and abilities, which provides connections to all four City quadrants and serves schools, parks and other community destinations. More information on the Twin Loops can be found here

    I’ve heard the City refer to West 58th Street as a Municipal State Aid (MSA) roadway; what does this mean?

    To support the state’s system of roadways, the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) allocates construction and maintenance funds for counties, cities and townships through the Municipal State Aid Street program. Through this program, cities are allowed to designate up to 20% of their total local street mileage as MSA roadways. These roadways typically carry higher levels of traffic, serving as more regional transportation corridors than other local streets. In Edina, properties adjacent to MSA roadways are only assessed 20% of the reconstruction costs (as opposed to 100% for other local roadways); this is due to the fact that these roadways carry higher traffic volumes and have to meet more strenuous MnDOT design standards.