What is this going to cost me?

    The full costs of the roadway improvements are assessed to the property owners within the project area. The pending special assessment is $13,300 per Residential Equivalent Unit (REU). The final bill for the special assessment will be mailed to property owners in September 2020 and can be paid off over 15 years with interest.

    How will construction impact me?

    As work progress, it may be dusty, muddy, noisy and definitely inconvenient; however, we have requirements to deal with some of the nuisances. For example, watering trucks will keep the dust down and the contractor must adhere to the City’s noise ordinance.

    You may be asked to limit your water use (not flushing the toilet) while the sanitary sewer is being repaired.

    You may be connected to temporary water in a hose that will run on the boulevard or have temporary water shut-offs.

    Irrigation and pet containment systems are often damaged because they are located in the City’s right-of-way. The pet containment system will be repaired as soon as possible to keep your dog(s) in the yard. The irrigation system will be plugged where it is damaged so that you can continue to use the rest of your system. The damaged area will be repaired as the project nears completion.

    You may not be able to access your driveway for up to seven days and the roadway for a few hours up to a few days while certain compounds are curing or utility work is being done. You will receive advance notices of these occurrences so that you can plan accordingly; however, there are instances that limit how much notice we can provide. One such instance may be an accidental water main break that interrupts your water service; the weather is also a factor that could change plans with limited notification. The contractor will accommodate those with special needs.

    How will my landscaping be affected?

    Prior to construction, residents are encouraged to relocate any plantings or landscaping that they do not want damaged or disturbed. Plantings and landscaping that is damaged or disturbed during construction will be repaired or replaced nearing the end of the project.

    When does construction begin?

    Construction typically starts in the Spring, depending on weather, and runs through October or November. Once the work is completed, some items are warranted until the following spring.

    Who do I contact afterhours for urgent matters regarding construction?

    If the issue can wait until the following business day, send an email or leave a voicemail for the City of Edina project manager listed in "Who's Listening" of this site. If for some reason an urgent matter has developed that requires immediate attention, i.e., all construction activities have ceased on-site for the day and your water is still off, contact the City of Edina non-emergency number at 952-826-1600. The dispatcher will notify the project manager of the situation.