Construction Update

12 months ago

Saturday & the week of July 29th

Shawnee Circle & Overholt Pass – Notices have been left at front doors regarding concrete curb and driveway apron work scheduled for Monday, July 29th. Please see notice for parking information during and after concrete work.

Concrete Installation - Wherever concrete driveway aprons or surfaces are poured, please do not drive across it for five days. The concrete needs this time to gain sufficient strength. During the time you cannot access your driveway, the Police Department will allow you to park in the street overnight in front of your home. Once the concrete curb gains sufficient strength, a temporary gravel ramp will be built across the apron so you can access your driveway. Please read the contractor notices closely for appropriate parking locations to maintain minimum driving lanes for emergency vehicles.

Bello Drive, Comanche Court, Paiute Circle/Drive/Pass & Sally Lane – Saturday crews will be removing portions of cracked curb and patching some areas of asphalt. Monday July 29th crews will replace the cracked curb. Turf restoration has begun in areas disturbed by roadwork. The turf contractor will be watering these areas to establish growth.The portions of yard still filled with sand will be restored with seed by CenterPoint Energy.

If you are still owed plants or irrigation repairs due to construction please email me at

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