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over 1 year ago

Learn more about Edina's background on recycling, past resident comments, the decision to be made and cost impacts.

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  • The current citywide curbside recycling collection contract ends Dec. 31, 2019.
  • Recycling is currently collected bi-weekly.
  • Edina residents have a high participation rate for recycling. However, a recent Hennepin County waste sort study indicated that 14.6 percent of all trash is made up of recyclable material.
  • Residents have reported frustration with overflowing recycling containers and confusion about which day is their recycling day or being out of town, missing collection day, and having to store recycling for two more weeks.
  • The City is considering switching to weekly recycling collection in an effort to capture recycling that ends up in the trash and provide better service for residents. City Council would like input from residents regarding the value of this change in service level.
  • Because of recycling commodity market variability, the cost of recycling service will go up from the previous contract signed in 2012 regardless of collection frequency.
  • If the City stays with bi-weekly collection, the new cost would be $3.59 per household per month. Weekly collection would cost $6.47 per household per month. Recycling is included on the quarterly utility bill, making the quarterly cost difference between weekly and bi-weekly around $9 per quarter.
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