Has the City considered installing 3D crosswalks?

    Some residents have noted that other cities in the United States have experimented with 3-dimensional crosswalk markings, including;

    These installations create the impression that the crosswalk blocks are floating above the street. The intended result is to get drivers to slow down and yield to pedestrians. However, guidance from the Federal Highway Administration states that crosswalk art degrades the contrast between the markings and the pavement, reducing the visibility of the crosswalk overall and contributing to a false sense of security for both pedestrians and motorists. While there is little empirical evidence to support the FHWA’s claims, there is also little evidence to support the efficacy of crosswalk art at improving pedestrian safety.

    What is the purpose of the curb extensions?

    The primary purpose is to improve safety for pedestrians crossing the road. The extensions decrease the distance to cross the road, and therefore reduce the time a pedestrian is in conflict with vehicular traffic. The narrower street width also serves to constrict motor vehicle traffic, causing them to slow down when approaching the intersection and evaluate their surroundings for other vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists.

    As a driver, what should I do when I drive around the temporary delineators?

    To understand the full effect permanent curb extensions would have, consider the delineators as concrete curb and gutter. If a vehicle drives over them or hits them, it would be the same as if it drove over the curb.

    Are there places in Edina where curb extensions have been installed?

    There are 3 locations in Edina where curb extensions can be found:

    Has the City considered how buses will be able to move through these narrowed intersections?

    The City is seeking feedback from Edina Public Schools Transportation Services, and will be reviewing traffic camera footage of buses and large vehicles moving through the intersections. This feedback and analysis will be included in our final report and considering as part of our final recommendation.