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We are excited to launch the Better Together Edina website and open more avenues for engagement between the City and the community. We are listening and ready to answer your questions! Topics we enjoy talking to residents about are development projects, neighborhoods, capital improvement projects, boards and commissions, affordable housing, budgets and work plans -- just to name a few!

We hope to use this platform to inform the community and share responses publicly so all can access the same information. Wherever you are, you can keep up to date with news, ask questions and provide your feedback.

We hope you find this website informational, engaging and fun!

We are excited to launch the Better Together Edina website and open more avenues for engagement between the City and the community. We are listening and ready to answer your questions! Topics we enjoy talking to residents about are development projects, neighborhoods, capital improvement projects, boards and commissions, affordable housing, budgets and work plans -- just to name a few!

We hope to use this platform to inform the community and share responses publicly so all can access the same information. Wherever you are, you can keep up to date with news, ask questions and provide your feedback.

We hope you find this website informational, engaging and fun!

City staff experts are ready to answer your questions! 


  • First of all I would like to thank for the installation of Children's play area in Parklawn Avenue. I would like to bring one thing to your notice that in the park swing the safety guard has not been installed in the chair swing and it seems missing. It would be great if it is installed as small kids can fall from the swing.

    sd asked 19 days ago

    Thank you for the question. The playground manufacturer does not recommend a harness for the swing if it is used in a public play setting. 

    Tiffany Bushland, Recreation Supervisor 

  • Thank you for the information shared at the September 26th Open house regarding 2021 and 2022 neighborhood Roadway reconstruction. It was very useful and the presentation was well done. I would suggest you add the slide deck to a place where others can view it. Unfortunately, 6pm mtgs can be difficult for families with children and work schedules. You might even consider a webcast opportunity in the future to increase attendance. One action item reqyest: Please add Creek Knoll on the registration page in the required neighborhood selection section for the Better Together Edina website. Thank you!

    Skovbroten asked about 2 months ago

    Hello! We have completed two action items based on your feedback. 

    1. There is a 2021 / 2022 Road Reconstruction page here which also has the presentation

    2. Creek Knoll has been added to the registration page. 

    Thanks again for your input! 

    -MJ Lamon, Community Engagement Coordinator

  • You said on the flyer that this was a place to give suggestions. Here is mine: I think the City should hold a Recycling & Sustainability Day. My hunch is that many people are not sure what to recycle and what not to recycle. Examples: plastic overwraps that come with some food products, a peanut butter jar where one can’t easily get all the peanut butter out, a small plastic tray that held dog food, a clear plastic box that is clean and held cookies. I think very few people know and understand about sustainability. It picks up where recycling leaves off. Examples are: instead of recycling the paper bags that one gets at the supermarket, bringing the bags back to be used again; or having a more permanent sack where a paper or plastic bag might be used; using cloth napkins instead of paper ones; keeping a car as long as possible; saving left over food that one has at a restaurant in a reusing metal product [a tiffin] instead of Styrofoam boxes or cardboard boxes or throwing it out. Sustainability also makes the point that 40% of food in this country is wasted. If such a Recycling & Sustainability Day were held, I would be happy to help. I think that someone from Republic would do the recycling piece and I know someone who I’m nearly certain would do the sustainability piece without charging. Stan Brown 6908 Antrim Rd. 952-943-0718

    SBrown6908 asked about 2 months ago

    Thank you for engaging, Stan!  

    What to and not to recycle is important to keep costs low, recycling the most amount of materials, and support community members in feeling good about managing their waste. The Energy & Environment Commission has put recycling education on their workplan in 2020.  They plan to educate at city events where folks will be meeting.  If you’re interested in volunteering with Energy and Environment Commission, feel free to connect with their staff liaison, Tara Brown,

    -MJ Lamon, Community Engagement Coordinator

  • I received a post card asking for feedback by taking a survey. I was unable to find it on the website. This is emblematic of the poor use of IT thruout the project. The residents had to organize and ask the council to intervene with staff to be heard. If you don't use the feedback to modify, don't ask for it in the first place.

    pete398 asked about 2 months ago

    Thanks for your comments. I apologize that you did not find the link to the survey. A new post has been added on the West 58th Street Reconstruction page to make the survey link more visible. If you still can’t find it there, you can take the survey here:

    I hear you believe there may have been a disconnect between what staff was trying to accomplish and the potential need for council to intervene. I would be interested in discussing this in more detail, so that we can improve the process for the next project. Please reach out to me at or 952-826-0360. 

    - MJ Lamon, Community Engagement Coordinator

  • I've been reading some of the rules about special assessments. I understand an assessment is lawful only if: • The land receives a special benefit from the improvement. • The assessment does not exceed the special benefit measured by the increase in market value due to the improvement. • The assessment is uniform as applied to the same class of property, in the assessed area. If a property is assessed $18,000 for road reconstruction, should the owner expect the market value to increase by $18,000 on the next property tax statement and thus face an increased property tax? Can the assessor's office explain the relationship? Also it's hard to believe a home that currently has a paved street with curbing will increase because the street and gutter have been replaced. Does the city have to prove this increase occurs? How so and what if it can't justify the assessment? Finally, do all homes on the same street, regardless of property value, receive an equal portion of benefit, assuming there is any documented benefit? Thanks.

    TomLaForce asked 2 months ago

    Thanks for the questions about special assessments related to road reconstruction. Questions regarding assessments and tax value should be directed to the Assessing Department. The City has completed studies that indicate a benefit when infrastructure is replaced when it is in need of replacement. In 15 plus years of completing street reconstruction with special assessments, we’ve been able to justify the amount of the special assessments. If you would like to discuss our street reconstruction program or special assessments in more detail, please give me a call to discuss. Thank you!

    – Chad Millner, City Engineer, 952-826-0318

  • Hi, On Monday 9.9.19 I was walking on West 50th St and noticed a few locations where utility contractors had been working and new sidewalk had been placed during the restoration process. Although the concrete forms had been removed no topsoil had been placed yet creating a real danger for walkers etc using the sidewalk. I sent an email/photos to the city council that afternoon indicating my concern. About ten minutes later the city manager Scott Neal replied back and noted that he would forward my concerns to the engineering and street departments. The following afternoon while driving on West 50th I noticed all of these boulevard areas had been appropriately filled, seeded and erosion blankets placed where needed. Wednesday I received a follow up email from Chad Miller letting me know that my concerns had been addressed and the work had been completed. I think the city missed an opportunity to showcase Scott filming another episode of “ON THE JOB” where he good naturedly tries to perform physical tasks of “normal” city employees. So in addition to schools, safety and sidewalk plowing please add ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ for service. Mike Guimond

    Motomag asked 2 months ago


    Thanks for your positive comments. Although Scott and I would like to take credit for getting the work completed, and in many cases we are able to provide some pressure, in this case the restoration work was scheduled and completed by the permittee as emails were being exchanged. This was an example of a permittee following thru on their commitment to restore boulevards areas in a timely manner. If I may, Scott and I could take some credit for meeting the City’s goal of responding to residents requests and follow up.  

    Thanks – Chad Millner, City Engineer

  • Is there a "green committee" for the city of Edina? More specifically I am wondering what the city is doing in terms of it's effort to promote and incentivize tree planting. Many countries are now "planting millions of trees" etc. and tree planting is staring to be viewed as a very effective way to offset carbon. Who knows anything about this? Edina needs a "million trees" pledge and program.

    Mommacinco asked 2 months ago

    The energy and environment committee is the green committee here in Edina.  They would be the ones to get in contact with about planting a million trees.  Edina is a Tree City USA city which is an accreditation from the Arbor Day foundation for our commitment to trees here in Edina.  There is also a tree donation program where residents can donate a tree to be planted in any park in the city.  This has been going on for the past 4 years and is getting more and more popular each year.  Thanks,

    Luther Overholt

    City Forester  

  • This is an add on to the "million trees" question. When new development projects are being considered and undertaken is there a massive effort to replace trees and or greenery in areas that are being built up with concrete buildings?

    Mommacinco asked 2 months ago

    Five years ago the city adopted a tree preservation ordinance.  This is a part of the building permit process now.  All commercial building in the city is now required to have a certain amount of trees planted along the boulevard based on how many feet of boulevard they have.  For residential builds it is based on how many trees outside of the building footprint come down and their species.  These trees are replaced on a one to one basis.  Please let me know if you have any other questions.  Thanks,

    Luther Overholt

    City Forester


  • What's the justification for assessing residents for street reconstruction? We all own the streets, not just the one in front of our homes. By luck (or bad luck), some could own a home in Edina for a long time and never pay for streets (I'm up to 30 years) or they could move into the city to a neighborhood that's about to be reconstructed, pay, decide to move to a bigger home and have to pay again. Assuming people can come up with or are willing to finance an assessment of nearly $20K seems like an assumption based on Edina's relative wealth. I suspect this is a real hardship for many families. If the answer is that we believe it might not be a best method, but we are stuck because we've already paid for lots of reconstruction this way, past practice shouldn't influence what's best for our future. I'm sure we can come up with an equitable transition plan that fairly treats people who have already paid a full assessment in the past. Personally, I'd prefer to pay my fair share of all street reconstruction that happens each year as part of my property taxes.

    TomLaForce asked 2 months ago

    Thanks for the interesting and timely question. The City Council has been having a discussion on that topic this year (Work Sessions on March 15 and September 4). Approximately 20-years ago the City Council reviewed how street reconstruction was funded and decided to use the mechanism embodied in MN State Statute Chapter 429. That statue allows cities to assess adjacent properties for improvements that will benefit their properties. The amount of the special assessments vary greatly based on the size of the lot in relation to the amount of street being reconstructed. The smaller and denser the lots, the more properties that share the cost of that particular street reconstruction. The larger and less dense lots, the less properties there are to share the cost and the cost per property will be higher. The council has made some changes over the years to assist owners with the assessment. It included paying for the concrete curb and gutter from the storm water fund, extending the payback period from 10-years to 15-years, and lowering the interest rate. Studies have been completed to justify the assessments that have occurred to date. In fact, approximately 60% of the levied assessments are paid in full before they are filed with Hennepin County. If the council chooses to change street reconstruction funding, the options are special assessments, general tax levy dollars, franchise fees and / or local option sales tax.

    - Chad Millner, City Engineer

  • This is with reference to a proposal presented by Stephanie Hawkinson at the July 25 HRA meeting. The goal of the plan that she was seeking money and approval for would be preservation of affordable important goal. As I listened to it it made no sense in so many ways. She did indicate early on in the presentation that she has been working with city attorneys on the legal details of a contract that would be used in such a transaction. I really have to wonder why is she or any city employee is racking up attorney fees on this until at least the concept was approved? This holds true for many projects...I get that some initial legal advice to make sure it is possible may be required, but not the level of detail she was describing. Can City Manager maybe get some tighter control on when legal advice is sought and billable hours accrued? In the end on July 25 that idea was not accepted by council and so money wasted working on legal details. Thanks for any input. Kathleen

    Kathy asked 4 months ago

    Hello Kathleen,

    I understand the question to be:

    Can City Manager maybe get some tighter control on when legal advice is sought and billable hours accrued?

    Here is my response:

    It is a normal part of City staff’s public policy due diligence to evaluate the legal feasibility of proposals we present to the City Council.  Presenting a proposal to the Council without legal evaluation stunts the Council’s ability to have thoughtful discussion on the proposal.  If elected officials aren’t able to have thoughtful discussions, they cannot make wise decisions.  Wise decisions benefit Edina.  Staff will continue to work prudently with the City Attorney to help our City Council make wise decisions.  

    -Scott Neal, City Manager

  • Why no updates on Arden Park? Why is the city determined not to use that has 15K residents signed up? Why doesn't this web site say it is not hosted by the city of Edina? How much does this web site cost to use and how much staff time is put into this web site? What are the statistics for the number of people who look at this web site? The federal courts recently ruled that government web sites can not remove comments they do not like i.e. 1st Amendment

    Frenkel asked 4 months ago

    Thank you for your questions. Please see responses below. -MJ Lamon

    Why no updates on Arden Park?

    A project page is available on here.  You can sign up for email updates here. The Minnehaha Creek Watershed District, which is partnering with the City on the project, also has a website full of information including the past email updates.

    Why is the City determined not to use that has 15K residents signed up?

    The City does use Nextdoor to inform the community of updates, projects, opportunities for engagement, etc. NextDoor limits the access of government accounts, so City staff can only see City posts and the direct responses to those posts. Staff do not have access to conversations in the various neighborhoods.NextDoor’s policies do not allow us to collect information from the site to be used for City purposes. Better Together Edina offers multiple tools for participation.

    Why doesn’t this web site say it is not hosted by the city of Edina?

    Staff manages the content on Better Together, but uses a platform developed by a vendor. The software and servers are maintained by the vendor.  All resident data is secure. You can visit the “Terms of Use” page for more information.

    This is the same arrangement that we have for our main City web site, and for other specialized pages such as for Parks (but with a different company). Services that require specialized software to deliver including program registration, City Code management or job applications. 

    Edina, and most cities manage their web sites in this fashion  because it would not be cost effective to develop our own platform and tools in house for all of the services we provide.

    The site on the Bang the Table platform replaced on the Granicus platform.

    How much does this web site cost to use and how much staff time is put into this web site?

    We have a service contract with the vendor for $12,000/year. Again, this website replaced Staff time varies by project.

    What are the statistics for the number of people who look at this website?

    The site has been visited more than 16,000 times since it was launched in January. Last month, there were 1,700 visitors to the site. Response to the site has been very positive.

  • I recently bought 4200 Philbrook lane, edina 55424. I am planning to plat Arborvitae shrub along my fence on the outside of our backyard (along 58th street). I understand that the city is planning to improve 58th street and it was collecting input from current residents. Since I recently bought this place, the poll is already closed for my input. I wanted to know if the city will accommodate my landscaping plans and help me subsidize this or I can go ahead and do the planting now and it will not affect my trees. I need more information about this. In any case, I would preferred trees of my choice and or landscape. Please let me know as soon as possible.

    Sychevs asked 4 months ago

    Thanks for the note. Please contact me directly so we can meet at your property to discuss.

    Chad Millner, City Engineer,, 952.826.0318

  • I completed the West 58th Street Reconstruction survey BUT have since found out the citizenry has come up with an alternative plan (Not A, B or C) they are titling Alt 58-1. I would like to amend my survey submission to Alt 58-1 or none of the above - whichever is applicable and digestible in your survey result data to depict non-support of A, B and C and desire for an alternative.

    JBaudelaire asked 5 months ago

    We appreciate the participation and understand a suggestion was submitted by residents. It is being called Alt. 58-1 by the residents. We are considering those suggestions with all the feedback we have received. We are not asking participants to vote on that option. In fact, some of suggestions included with Alt. 58-1 do not meet the minimum requirements of the state. Since this project is partially funded by State Aid dollars, we need to follow their standards.

    Thanks - Chad Millner, City Engineer

  • I heard from a friend who lives in St. Louis Park that they received a letter that they were going to add a bike lane to their section of Wooddale Avenue. Is there anything in the works to add a bike lane to the Edina section of Wooddale? I am against this for the record. Thank you.

    Scott Busyn asked 6 months ago

    The City does have long-term plans to install bicycle facilities on Wooddale Avenue from W 44th Street to Highway 62. These facilities would vary between standard on-street bike lanes, buffered bike lanes, and shared-use paths, as can be seen in the approved Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan ( The construction of these facilities will occur in phases as the sections of Wooddale Avenue come due for pavement maintenance or reconstruction.

    -Andrew Scipioni

  • Who do I contact regarding replacement of my shrubbery that was killed when comcast did their updates? They assured me that like plants would be replaced if any died. I had 3 healthy, established plants that were killed and im really not interested in just some grass seed! Thanks! Nancy B.

    nanbraun asked 7 months ago


    The XNET project contact hotline is 651-493-6280.  If you need assistance from the City, Zuleyka Marquez, Charlie Gerk or Ross Bintner in the engineering group can help you.


  • Is there currently a drop-off location for buckthorn?

    lagomcurt asked 7 months ago

    Thank you for your question.  Yes there is a drop off location for buckthorn this spring.  This year we will have a spring buckthorn drop off for the first time.  It is the first weekend in May.  On Saturday May 4th the city dump located across from the Braemar golf dome will be open from 8-4 for residents to drop off as much buckthorn as they like.  The dump will be open again on Sunday May 5th from noon-4 for buckthorn disposal as well.  Contractors are also allowed so long as they are accompanied by a resident with a valid ID showing that they reside in Edina.  Please bring your ID with you as we will be checking them at the gate.


    Luther Overholt

  • Question for Engineering re: Prospect Hills A Road Reconstruction in 2020: I understood that each "Residential Unit" would pay the same amount for the road reconstruction. It does not depend on lot lines on more than one road. Correct, or incorrect?

    Muir Woods asked 7 months ago


    The 2020 project area is called “Prospect Knolls A” instead of “Prospect Hills A”.

    Edina’s Assessment Policy is as follows:

    “REU for Corner Lots: If a corner lot is subject to multiple roadway assessments on adjacent streets, the total assessable cost shall be equal to one (1) REU after all streets are improved. A partial REU shall be determined by dividing the number of improved streets by the number of adjacent streets.

    In a typical corner lot on the boundary of an improvement project, this will result in a 0.5 REU per street assessed in two separate projects, totaling 1 REU.”

    -Aaron Ditzler

  • Living off McCauley Trail, there are so many people walking their dogs, biking and running. I'd love to take my 3 year old on walks to the park but I feel so unsafe even with him in a stroller because there are a few blind corners and many don't slow down when driving. Any hopes of a sidewalk/walkway along McCauley Trail soon?

    MelaL asked 7 months ago

    Thanks for the question! In the City’s Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan, a new shared-use path is recommended for McCauley Trail. This would be a shared space for walking and biking that is separate from motor vehicle traffic. The City is currently planning to construct this path from Gleason Road to Valley View Road in 2022 as part of a scheduled mill & overlay project. The side of the street for this facility, along with specific property and roadway impacts, has not yet been determined but will be evaluated as we get closer to construction.

    -Andrew Scipioni

  • I read last year that Braemar golf course renovation included mountain bike trails surrounding the area. Is this still in process?

    John Cummings asked 8 months ago

    Hi John, 

    The Golf Course Renovation did not include mountain biking trails, however, the Braemar Master Plan that was completed a few years back does include mountain biking trails. As of right now, we don't have funding to implement the Master Plan. 

    You can learn more about the Golf Course Renovation and Braemar Master Plan here. 

    -Kersten McManamon

  • Every year the city encourages residents to remove buckthorn, and in my neighborhood we've done a lot of work to clean up our park. How can we get the Edina Country Club to remove its enormous buckthorn hedge and replace it with something non-invasive? Yes, it is private property, but buckthorn seed are viable for more than five years and nothing short of complete removal will prevent the spread of this aggressive plant onto other people's property.

    Chrisb asked 8 months ago


    Thank you for your help cleaning up our parks.  Unfortunately there are no city or state ordinances against buckthorn at this time.   It is a restricted noxious weed under the MDA but they are not required to be controlled or eradicated by law.  Only the propagation and sale of the plant are prohibited in Minnesota.  Thank you for your interest in this matter.

    Luther Overholt

  • every other week recycling in our association works fine , no need to increase cost

    Geo asked 8 months ago

    Thank you for your comment! To be part of the conversation head over to the recycling project page.

    -MJ Lamon

  • Why are you calling the housing planned for Waldorf-Nevens site "Workforce Housing"? It brings to mind "Servants' Quarters". A much more positive name would be "Welcome Housing". We certainly need to improve Edina's image when it comes to welcoming all people.

    Concerned citizen asked 8 months ago

    “Workforce housing” is a term widely used in the housing industry. The term is more specific than “affordable housing” which is broader and could include “work-force” housing, “senior” housing and “Section 8 / voucher” housing. Workforce housing is priced to be affordable to working families who earn a stable but moderate to low wage as compared to median wage of the Twin Cities. For a 2-person household in the Twin Cities (single parent with one child for example), workforce housing is priced to be affordable to someone earning $45,300 annually. For a 3-person household (two parents with one child for example), workforce housing is priced to an annual wage of $50,940.

    The City of Edina recently updated its policy regarding housing affordability. That program is called “Open Doors Edina” and is intended to promote housing for all. More information is available here:

    -Bill Neuendorf

  • Hello, I’m a resident of the Colony by Southdale hospital. I’m wondering if there are plans to fix Barrie Rd. off of 66th in the near future? The road is extremely uneven and I’m concerned the extra abuse my suspension on my car takes when I have to drive down that road to return home will cause earlier than desired car repairs. Please advise, thank you.

    TLang18 asked 8 months ago

    Thanks for the question. Yes there are tentative plans to reconstruct Barrie Road in 2024. It could still move earlier or later depending on how all the streets fair year to year. We try to lock streets in 3-years prior to reconstruction. I understand that is still a few years out but it is the soonest we can schedule it with the available funding. We try to reconstruct streets with the highest needs. We have many street in need so it is difficult to get to them as quickly as some people would like. We appreciate the comments.

    - Chad Millner, City Engineer

  • If there are pedestrian safety concerns on crossing France Ave (at 44th or Sunnyside Rd. intersections) what are the steps for improving this? We've had several incidents where cars turning left or right have turned right into my family as we cross in the crosswalk (green walking person signal). On one occasion a car bumped into our stroller - thank God our child was ok! Sadly, we're now terrified to go for a walk as a family or to walk to the stores now. The police said it was a county road, so it was a county Sheriff issue. County says it's a city issue. Help! We love Edina and want to stay here. But we want to live somewhere where the family can walk and bike in the neighborhood safely. Thank you!!!

    Pippa asked 8 months ago

    Thanks for the note and question. Pedestrian safety is a priority of Edina, Hennepin County and in this case the City of Minneapolis. All three agencies look for opportunities to improve infrastructure when the opportunity presents itself. In this specific instance, both intersections across France at Sunnyside Road and 44th Street have marked crosswalks, pedestrian indicators with count down timers and are located at traffic signals. The issue is driver behavior. We are hearing more and more examples of a lack of awareness or care by drivers. They are in too much of a hurry and don't yield to pedestrians. There is a cultural shift that needs to occur in addition to any structural changes that can be done. The Edina Transportation Commission is developing an education and outreach campaign for 2019 to address this very issue. They will need community support to spread the word. Please consider helping spread the word once the campaign is developed.

    Thanks - Chad Millner, City Engineer

  • Suggestions: Would love to see a direct link to Better Together added front and center to the city's website as its own navigation button. Currently when you go to the website, you only find Better Together by going to "I want to...", then scrolling down to "sign-up for.." I really like that the city has added the important role of community engagement so let's get this tool front and center. Also, how about adding "community engagement" under its appropriate department section? Keep up the good work in this emerging and important focus for Edina!

    Constance asked 8 months ago


    Thank you for your feedback and ideas. We want it to keep it front and center, too. 

    Once the review period for the Comp Plan ends in April, we plan to replace that graphic button on the home page of the website. Those five buttons also happen to be on every page of the website.

    Also, we'll continue to add links to Better Together Edina throughout the website where appropriate.

    Thank you!  

    - Kaylin Eidsness, Senior Communications Coordinator 

  • Where is the so-called "density bonus" language for affordable housing? My understanding, after it was removed from the 70th & Cahill SAP, that it would be placed in the Land Use chapter. I can't find it. Thanks in advance for help.

    Hope Melton asked 8 months ago

    The Planning Commission recommended that the density requirements in the 70th and Cahill Small Area Plan be moved to the land use chapter, and a ”density bonus” be considered from 50 units per acre to 75 units per acre subject to providing 20% affordable housing and meeting the goals and objectives and public improvement recommendations of the Small Area Plan.  However, that language that was recommended by the Planning Commission was not adopted by the City Council when the Small Area Plan was approved.

    For future development that is proposed to be on the medium to high end of the permitted densities in the land use chapter would be required to meet the City’s Affordable Housing Policy.

    -Cary Teague, Community Development Director

  • Is Valley View Road an MSA street? If yes, how can we--the city and residents--request repairs? Specifically, Valley View east of 100 and west of Wooddale is a mess and has been that way for the last few years and is getting worse. Thanks in advance for the information and any assistance.

    Constance asked 8 months ago

    Thanks for the question. It is an MSA street. The designation of a street has some impact on reconstruction and maintenance. In this case, Valley View Road from Wooddale to highway 100 is scheduled for a mill and overlay in 2019. Look for a much better driving surface by this fall.

    Thanks - Chad Millner, City Engineer

  • Is the build of a traffic circle at W. 70th St. and Rabun Dr. at the front end of the Cahill plan?

    lagomcurt asked 8 months ago

    No, that area is outside the boundaries of the 70th & Cahill Small Area Plan.

    - Cary Teague, Community Development Director 

  • This is such a great idea! Kudos to the originators and implementers!

    Felker01 asked 9 months ago

    Thanks for the compliment! Kaylin Eidsness, Senior Communications Coordinator, and myself have been working side by side on this project! We hope the community will see the benefits of using an engaging platform full of helpful tools! Send us ideas for improvements! 

    Have a great day! MJ Lamon, Community Engagement Coordinator

  • Why not have all new commercial and residential high rise units have green space on their roof tops? Edina talks about being/going green. It seems to me that the residents and folks who work in those new buildings would benefit from being about to garden on a roof top and/or have a relaxing place to sit and view the city from a different perspective. The City would not incur any cost; the builders would. The buildings need a roof; having it reinforced would not, nor should not, be a major burden for the construction company. If so, choose another builder.

    Edina asked 9 months ago


    Great question. Development projects are very complicated. Developers need to understand the financing of the project. The City Council needs to determine what is important for the community. This happens mostly with our zoning code. If a project is asking for something different than our code, the city has an opportunity to ask for more. In that case the City Council defines “more”. It could be green roofs but it could also be more or larger sidewalks, more landscaping, more affordable housing, more public spaces, etc. Every “more” has an impact on the financing of the project. It is a balancing act between asking for more and what can feasibly be completed by developers. As an aside, green roofs are complicated to design, implement, and maintain. It takes a special property manager to have a successful green roof.

    -Chad Millner, Director of Engineering

  • Follow up question regarding RRK Braemar. When does Lancer Catering plan to reopen the kitchen?

    KMN asked 9 months ago


    They hope to reopen Red River Kitchen May 1. Hope to see you there. 

    - Kaylin Eidsness, Senior Communications Coordinator

  • I don't see a way to subscribe for info on projects. How do I do so, or which projects can one subscribe to?

    Sandy Martin asked 9 months ago

    Hi, Sandy! 

    Thank you for reaching out. The best way to subscribe to a project is to register for the site. As an engagement site, we're able to send updates to users based on their activity on the site. So if you show interest in the 58th Street Project by example, by either visiting the project page or clicking around, the site will know to add you to the list. If you have any other questions, please let us know. 

    Thank you!
    Kaylin Eidsness, Senior Communications Coordinator 

  • Are there any plans to restructure the intersection at Metro Blvd and 77th St/Edina Industrial Blvd? Traffic has increased significantly in the last few years. It would be really good to have turn lanes/signals added. Cars are often left waiting for several light changes to get a chance to turn left, going east or west on EI Blvd. Driveways are difficult to see and navigate. Also cars exiting Hwy 100 to the west come flying down the right turn lane, quite often directly into a line of cars. As someone who navigates this area daily, it's is dangerous and especially bad when it's slippery. Thanks!

    gruberaccounting asked 9 months ago

    Thanks for the question. Short answer is that there are no short term plans to restructure the intersection of Metro Blvd and 77th St/Edina Industrial Blvd. Long answer is that we have various sources of information we continue to use to determine when and where it is appropriate to increase capacity at a specific intersections. Daily traffic volumes have been consistent over the past 10-years but may be that peak times are getting worse. More vehicles may be traveling during the rush hours and causing the issues your experiencing. Great point on the number of driveways, it does cause issues here. And during snow events and slippery conditions, no amount of improvements will correct all those issues. Be happy to discuss in more detail.

    Thanks - Chad Millner, City Engineer

  • Will Red River Kitchen remain at Braemar Golf course?

    James L Wotipka asked 9 months ago

    Red river kitchen was sold to Lancer Catering but will retain the brand and name as RRK Braemar!

    -MJ Lamon, Community Engagement Coordinator 

  • I would like to better understand why there is going to be a sidewalk installed on the east side of Beard Avenue between 58th and 60th streets with this summer’s resurfacing project, while other streets between France Ave and Xerxes are not getting sidewalks. Simultaneously, Beard will be narrowed so parking is only allowed on one side of the street. It’s my understanding Beard was selected somewhat arbitrarily as the halfway point between France and Xerxes. Residents signed a petition last fall objecting to the sidewalks but it was dismissed without much debate. Is there a way the residents could change this plan? What would it take? Current residents moved here without the existence of sidewalks, and if safety was the motivation, I assume the other roads being resurfaced this year would also be getting sidewalks. I don’t understand why Beard must be singled out for this change. Thank you.

    Vmousseau asked 9 months ago

    Thanks for the comments. The Beard Avenue sidewalk was recommended during the update to the Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan. This plan had input from the entire community and specific user groups. This document guides projects during street reconstruction. Sidewalks are spaced at intervals to provide safe options for people as they walk in Edina. Council considered the master plan and the petition and felt a sidewalk was important for the overall sidewalk network and quality of life in the Chowen Park Neighborhood. Any change to a master plan would have to be considered by the City Council. This is a short answer to a long question. I would be happy to discuss in person.

    Thanks - Chad Millner

  • What time and where is the information meeting on the 58th st project on February 25th?

    dianelindgren asked 9 months ago

    Hello Diane,

    The West 58th Street Reconstruction meeting is tonight at 6:00pm. We will be meeting at the Public Works Building at 7450 Metro Blvd. The activities for the night will be exactly the same input opportunities as we have provided on the project page on this site. Let me know if you have more questions! My phone number is 952-826-0360.

    Thanks, MJ Lamon, Community Engagement Coordinator

  • Please add the Comp Plan to the site so citizens have a voice in the process.

    stephaniemull asked 9 months ago

    Good morning!

    Last week I started building the Comprehensive Plan Review project to be launched on the Better Together site. The plan is to hold a 30 day public review in the month of March. Watch for more information coming soon!

    -MJ Lamon, Community Engagement Coordinator