Fact or Fiction

Have you heard a rumor in the community and want to fact check it? If so, look no further! Post your questions here and City staff will provide accurate and up-to-date information and answers.

Have you heard a rumor in the community and want to fact check it? If so, look no further! Post your questions here and City staff will provide accurate and up-to-date information and answers.

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  • What is the story on the paths at Arden Park? Seems like the West is going in and is concrete standard width sidewalk rather than a wider asphalt surface that most expected. Could someone respond as to the thinking behind this? Thanks. Kathy

    Kathy asked about 1 month ago


    The multipurpose trail from 54th and Brookview running north along Brookview and then northeast down hill, over the creek, near the shelter and playground, and then on to the corner of 52nd and Minnehaha Blvd will be an 8 foot asphalt surface.  

    The remaining segment along brookview connecting to the stair and north bridge will be 5 foot concrete sidewalk.

    -Ross Bintner

  • Will the LifetimeFitness facility have an entrance or exit directly into the shopping area of Southdale?

    Lisagardener asked about 2 months ago

    The new Lifetime Fitness at Southdale Center is built as a stand-alone building immediately adjacent to the mall. In addition to the fitness club, a second building features Lifetime Work co-working space, Lifetime Sport (soccer training) facility and street level retail is also being constructed. The mall, fitness club and co-working/soccer facility will be connected via a heated & cooled glass enclosure called a “winter garden”. There is no direct connection however from the Fitness Club into the Mall. Current plans require fitness members to exit the club and then re-enter the mall through an exterior courtyard and through the enclosed Winter Garden.

    A video of the new fitness club can be found here: https://www.lifetime.life/life-time-locations/mn-edina-southdale.html?selecteddate=2019-06-28 The “winter garden” connector can be seen at 0:25 in the video.

    Images of the exterior courtyard and the winter garden can be found here:  https://rsparch.com/project/southdale-center-life-time-redevelopment/

    Bill Neuendorf, Economic Development Manager

  • Are the Millennium at Southdale/66th apartments still on schedule to break ground? Or has that project been delayed? Feels like it has been awhile since they received approval.

    Hank asked 5 months ago

    The Millennium of Southdale project was granted zoning approvals in 2016 with the intention to be constructed in two phases. The building on the Phase 1 site (3250 West 66th Street) is vacant and ready for demolition. The architects at Minneapolis-based Elsness Swenson Graham Architects (ESG) recently submitted construction drawings for the first building. These plans are currently being reviewed by the Edina Building Department in preparation for issuance of construction permits.

    The Millennium is one of several projects in the Twin Cities being developed by metro-Miami based Luxe Residential . They indicate that they intend to break ground in Spring/early Summer 2019. Additional information is on the developer’s website: http://www.luxeresidential.us/portfolio/millennium-sixty-six/

    -Bill Neuendorf

  • I keep hearing that South Dale is going to close. Fact or fiction? Linda907

    Linda907 asked 5 months ago

    To the best of our knowledge, the Southdale Center Mall remains very active and very open for business with no intention of closing.

    The owners of Southdale Center Mall continue to actively invest in the property and are actively pursuing leases for vacant tenant spaces. In recent years, many long term leases have been executed on the property to bring in new users and new tenants that are likely to do well in the marketplace.

    A recent Fact Sheet with current leasing information can be found here: https://business.simon.com/mall/leasingsheet/Southdale_Center_Brochure.pdf

    -Bill Neuendorf

  • I see Lime is back now with scooters too...are they battery powdered ? If so are they allowed on paths with peds? Up at 50th? Nine Mile Creek? They can be dangerous to peds just out for a walk and there have been issues in other cities. Has the city considered restrictions? Thanks.

    Kathy asked 5 months ago

    Lime’s e-scooters are battery powered; these devices are referred to in State Statute as “motorized foot scooters.” Under state law, motorized foot scooters are permitted wherever bicycles are permitted (including bike lanes , trails, and roadways) unless specifically prohibited by the local agency. At 50th and France, for example, bikes and scooters can travel in the roadway but must be walked on the sidewalks. Three Rivers Park District only allows e-scooters within cities that themselves allow e-scooters; thus, e-scooters are permitted on the Nine Mile Creek Regional Trail within the city limits of Edina.

    The City has been in close conversations with several other Metro cities discussing concerns related to safety, regulation and enforcement of bike/scooter sharing services. 2018 was the first year the City authorized such a service to operate, and we are unaware of any serious issues that resulted. The City is continuing this pilot program for 2019, and will be collecting data to determine what restrictions may be necessary for such services to continue long-term.