Public Hearing: 4532 France Ave S, Site Plan Review and Parking Variance

about 15 hours ago
Outcome: This public hearing is is closed. The variance was approved at the May 5, 2020 City Council meeting.

The property owner, Casey Carl, has submitted a site plan review and a parking stall variance from 18 spaces to 11 spaces at 4532 France Ave South. The subject property was redeveloped in 2018; City approvals at that time included a rezoning from R-1, Low Density Residential to PCD-1, Planned Commercial District, and parking stall variance to allow 11 parking stalls instead of the 15 required by code. 

The applicant is now proposing to remodel 540 square feet of lower level storage space into office space.  The additional 540 square feet of office space would require an addition 4 parking stalls; which therefore requires a new variance from 18 stalls required to 11. 

Please contact Cary Teague, Community Development Director, with any questions regarding this project. 

Applicant Submittal

Parking Study

Please contact Cary Teague, Community Development Director, with any questions regarding this project. 

Final Action on this project is taken by the City Council.

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  • pat4003 2 months ago
    It' obvious the City has no interest in how the residents of this area feel. If anyone on that Council lived as close as I do, to that monstrosity, and had to deal with the traffic and lack of parking we see now, perhaps they could possibly understand. The established merchants in the area will be losing parking for their places of business with a bigger restaurant. We have codes, enforce them. I personally don't want to see cars parked on Sunnyside down to Grimes
  • Admin Commented Emily Bodeker 2 months ago
    My name is Roberta Thorpe, I reside at 6804 Cornelia Drive and I am the owner of the Convention Grill property. I am opposed to the 4532 France Ave. proposal because I feel that any parking in this area is very essential to each and every business. To decrease parking would not be a good idea. - Entered by City Staff
  • Anne Olson 2 months ago
    As a Morningside resident, I appreciate the neighborhood being diversified by increasing density. I have no objection to this variance request.
  • Doug Fuerst 2 months ago
    The submitted application doesn't justify a variance . Please respect our zoning ordinance and reject this effort to squeeze in more restaurant seats than the 4500 France building planned to support with parking . This is a problem of the developer's own making . The developer chose to develop this giant building and now needs to operate it within our laws .
  • rodscholl 3 months ago
    I see no reason to grant a variance. There are not special circumstances. The extra 7 cars parked into the nearby neighborhood continues to lower the walk friendliness of our residential neighborhood. Homeowners lose while developers win... selling out quality of life out bit by bit by bit. To get where? What's the point of zoning, if variances are granted just because someone wants to make more money on their plot of land (which was priced to sell assuming no variances). This just incentivises future developers to grab more and more at the community expense.
  • KK 3 months ago
    Casey Carl has already skirted the requirements for parking stalls for his business once. Presumably the zoning rules for parking for establishments exist because the number of parking stalls is expected for the size of the business. Where then will people park? The adjoining neighborhood will be inundated with a need for parking once the development on the corner is finished. This will put even more pressure on the city council to allow for parking on the west side of France Ave. As a resident of the west side of France Avenue, I can attest to the difficulty we have in getting out into traffic from our driveway. Increased parking will make this a bigger problem. We won't know what the parking and traffic will be like until the development on the corner is finished. I urge the council to reject this variance request.
  • Morningside12 3 months ago
    Owner should be asked to follow approved rezoning and parking requirements. This seems like a clear bait and switch plan. The parking variance request does not meet the required standards and should be rejected.
  • Steve Anderson 3 months ago
    So this concerns the 2018 development at 4532 France and not to the currently ongoing work on the corner of France and Sunnyside, but the effects on neighborhood traffic ties these two developments together. Until the work at 4500 France is complete and resulting traffic patterns can be observed I strongly believe no reduction in parking spaces below code should be considered. Developers who try to sneak in these parking space reductions after initial approval should be black listed from any future Edina projects.
  • ESP 3 months ago
    Is this parking variance in addition to the variance that was discussed a few months ago pertaining to increasing the restaurant size from 35 seats to 100? If there was a city owned parking lot nearby to handle the overflow, that might be ok, but the street parking cannot handle it. In ordinary times, the two restaurants across the street from this project get pretty busy over the weekend and many/most customers park on the street. Having more cars zooming in and out of alleys will make the already dangerous pedestrian situation worse. I have personally had to grab kids or yell to other people's children to watch out for approaching cars.