Public Hearing: 5200 Doncaster Way, Cell Tower

CLOSED: This item is on the June 16th City Council agenda.

The Planning Commission approved this variance request at the April 15, 2020 meeting. The decision was appealed to the City Council. The City Council public hearing date is June 2nd and the final decision meeting date is June 16th. 

Applicant Appeal Submittal

Additional Information from Applicant

If you have any questions regarding this project, please contact Assistant City Planner, Kris Aaker.

Crown Castle USA, the applicant, is requesting a 170.1 foot setback variance from a south east lot line of 5200 Doncaster Way/Highlands Park, for a monopole cellular telecommunications antenna tower and park light standard replacement to allow for an additional service provider co-location. The proposed project includes replacement of the existing park light standard/monopole antenna and the addition of an equipment structure. 

The existing light standard/antenna is approximately 59 feet tall and is located south east of the ice rink and northwest of the park building. The existing light standard/antenna will be replaced in the same location with a 75 foot tall monopole that will accommodate new ice rink lights, a relocation of the existing T-mobile array and the addition of a Verizon cellular service antenna. A new equipment structure will be located east of the park building with access provided by a bituminous walk. The utility structures conform to the ordinance requirements. 

The required setback for the new monopole is based on height, with a 75 foot tall structure requiring a 300 foot setback from property adjacent that is residential. The proposed setback is 129.01 feet from the lot line adjacent to residential requiring a 170.1 foot setback variance. The subject site is city park property zoned R-1, Single Dwelling Unit District. The proposed light standard and co-location pole replacement within Highlands Park are permitted uses within the R-1 zoning district.

Applicant Submittal

Aerial Map

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