Edina has an opportunity to address the demand for affordable housing through the sale of a City owned parcel at Abercrombie Drive and Duggan Plaza combined with portions of the streets on either side that need to be vacated (“Property”).

The Property at Duggan Plaza and Abercrombie is relatively flat, is nestled between two single family homes, with the rear of the lot at Normandale road. This Property was once a median like what is in Duggan Plaza. This is an extension of Duggan Plaza that was not formally vacated but grassed over.

The lot is approximately 133 feet deep and 102.59 feet wide. The lot area is 13,618 square feet.

The Property provide an opportunity to develop housing that is achievable to households with incomes at or below 120% of the Area Median Income (roughly $120,000).

The Edina Housing Foundation has assembled a proposal for the land for Council consideration.

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Consultation has concluded

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