B-20-16 6720 Samuel Road, Front Yard Setback Variance

CLOSED: This item is on the September 9 Planning Commission agenda.

The subject property is located at 6720 Samuel Road. The applicant is proposing an entryway addition on the front of the existing home. The proposed entryway addition requires a 4.9-foot front yard setback variance. 

The applicant has indicated that the current small entry landing has only 3 inches of clearance between the open door and the first step of the stairway which makes it difficult for guest with limited accessibility. They have indicated that the proposed new entry improves accessibility and curb appeal. 

Applicant Submittal

Final action on this project is taken by the Planning Commission.

Please contact Assistant City Planner, Emily Bodeker with questions regarding this project. 

All comments are reviewed by the governing body to gain insight into community perspective and values. This information in addition to other factors like legal requirements, infrastructure needs, long-term strategy, cost, etc help inform the decision. The feedback collected is not considered a "vote". 

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