What are you proposing?

    We are proposing to use a portion of the site to build a water treatment facility. It will most likely be on the front portion of the site and utilize a portion of the underground area currently used by the storage tank. We will try to meet zoning code requirements for a single family home. These include setbacks and heights.

    How was the location determined?

    It was based on an updated plan for water supply conducted as part of the city comprehensive plan. A treatment plant at the Dublin locations allows the city to address multiple issues identified in the water supply plan, those are; water age, underutilization of the storage tank, and undersized east-west distribution capacity.

    What is the schedule?

    In 2019 we will work the neighborhood to shape a recommendation to Council on what the facility will look like. We will also plan and design how the facility will operate. Construction would occur late 2019/2020 and last approximately 18 months. Street reconstruction is also anticipated for these streets in 2020 so there is a benefit to doing the work all at once.

    What will it look like?

    We don't know yet and we want residents to be a part of the decision making process.

    Will it be safe?

    Yes. The facility will treat water. There are chemicals involved but each have very specific building code requirements to ensure the safe use by our operators and the public.

    Will there be an odor associated with treatment.


    Will it be occupied? How often?

    The facility is expected to be remotely operated. About 1 hour per day occupancy is typical on the other facilities in the city as utility staff conducts daily inspection and maintenance.

    Is it going to cost me anything?

    The project is funded by citywide utility bills. There is no special assessment to the nearby residents for this project.

    Will it make noise?

    The construction process to build the facility will make noise, but the facility operation will not.

    How long will it take to build?

    Construction is expected to take 15 to 19 months.

    Is it going to increase traffic in the neighborhood?

    Deliveries to the site will vary from around 2 times per month in the winter to weekly in the summer, varying with the amount of water produced during the year.