Climate Action Plan

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This page is now archived and is no longer active. To learn more about the Climate Action Plan, visit To follow the plan's progress, visit the Climate Action Plan Progress Portal or view the Environmental Performance Report.

Youth Climate Stories

What do you want to say about climate change? 

The City of Edina is creating a Climate Action Plan, or CAP, and wants to hear your climate story.  Telling your climate story lets others know what you’re thinking and feeling about what’s happening to our climate and what we should be doing about it.  You can even write a story from the future-you telling us how we made the CAP work! 

Storytelling is a really powerful way to make climate action personal and inspire others toward action, too. Plus, by sharing your climate story, you will be helping to guide the goals and actions being created right now in Edina’s CAP.

Ready to share your voice? Click on the image below then tap on Present to learn more about telling your climate story today! 


Ready to go? Start by creating a title for your story in the box below.  After that, you can type your story right here or upload a link to your story, an image, or a video.  You choose!

Thank you! Have more to say? Take Edina's Youth Climate Action Survey to keep sharing your voice. 

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